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Parking Rates

SHORT TERM (2 hours) 

 Pay on Entry
 Debit or Credit Card Tap Only


Flat Fee Maximum 2 hours



Pay on Exit
Cash or Credit
Card Lanes



Per Half Hour


Per Day Maximum for
EACH of the first 5 days


Per Day for EACH additional day

GST Included.

Designated accessible/special needs parking is available in the short term and daily/long Term parking lots.

Monthly parking is available for $150.00/month + GST (minimum two months).  Please contact Robbins Parking for more information.

Robbins Parking Service Ltd.
1102 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K8
Telephone: (250) 382-4411
Telephone: (250) 953-5807 (Parking Booth at the airport)
Facsimile: (250) 380-7275